NomadPOS Blue is

a simple, multiple user, cloud-based mobile POS solution for Android devices, supported by a management console for administration and reporting

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(Currently available for download only in Australia)

It’s based on years of expertise

by combining the mobile sales application with our cloud-based centralised administration system (which we call Nomad Management Console), your business can capture a complete transaction. Flexibility to capture a job, event, customer data within each transaction saves you time in reconciliation and paperwork.


equip your team to conduct on the spot transactions in the field, and improve the quality and timeliness of your sales data.

Control the capturing, syncing and logging of all transaction data at a central point of administration and reporting.

Manage your business in real-time.


Nomad Management Console (NMC) creates, manages and connects users and devices.

It manages application deployment and distribution of all product and pricing data enabling mobile sales people to sell smarter.

NMC works to reduce the work load capturing all transaction activity and records for all users.

Create new ways to sell anywhere, anytime.

It’s perfect for all sorts of teams

designed by experts with over 25 years of experience in the POS industry to enable closer customer engagement and a better customer experience. NomadPOS Blue suits a broad range of industry use cases. Some of the businesses we had in mind when developing our solution include:


Still using forms and paperwork?
Facing difficulties in integrating field sales with back office?
Running a risk with on the road pricing?


Mobile sales application with managed products/pricing
Simple to use for on the spot transactions
Automatically stores and transmits all sales records


Raising money at remote events, in the field, at schools?
Needing to equip your team with mobile sales capability?
Unable to maintain accurate records of all your transactions?


Go mobile and increase engagement
Simple, intuitive application to empower teams
Ability to integrate into existing CRMs or finance systems


Wanting to improve selling on-the-spot?
Liking the idea of improved customer experience?
Running events, on the road or with exhibition sales?


Mobile Point of Sale with accurate products/pricing

Centralised administration of all customer sales data
Fast deployment to use anywhere, anytime


Still using forms and paperwork?
Running a risk with on the road pricing?
Difficult to reconcile field sales with the back office?


Manage everything on the mobile app
Simple to use for on the spot transactions
Automatically submits and stores all records offsite

It comes packed with features

taking our experience from the rich history of more classical POS systems, and fusing them with the possibilities made unique by today’s cloud and mobile technology, our POS system has a rich, yet intuitive feature set that is as shallow or deep as you need.


icon_nomadPOS Blue_Works on Phone and Tablet_1

Works on Android Smartphone or Tablet

NomadPOS Blue works on Android Smartphones or Tablets
(Android KitKat version 4.4 onwards)

icon_nomadPOS Blue_Works Offline2

Works Offline

Continue selling even if the internet goes down. Your transaction data will be resynced to the cloud when you get back online

icon_nomadPOS Blue_Works on Phone and Tablet

Simple to use interface

With a simple user interface, it is quick to learn and easy to use,
saving training costs and empowering employees

icon_nomadPOS Blue_Multiple and Split Payments

Integrated Payment

Use our App with an existing EFTPOS device or with new, integrated pin pads

icon_nomadPOS Blue_Customised Receipt

Customised receipts for your customers

Issue Compliant Tax Receipts rather than Payment-only receipts. Receipts can be emailed to customers or printed when integrated with a printer via Bluetooth

icon_nomadPOS Blue_Connect with Customers2

Connect with your customers

NomadPOS maintains a Customer Email address list,
so you can keep in touch with your customers.






After a quick sign up process, you just need to add your products/services, set up your users and you’re ready to start selling!

It’s extremely easy to:

1. Add Users/Selling Stations

When you sign up for NomadPOS Blue, you will be able to add up to 3 Users/Stations. If you would like to add more you can get in touch with us

2. Add Products

A simple and intuitive interface allows you to add or edit products along with pricing, images, descriptions and any other relevant details. You can add these individually or import a .csv file

3. Role-based Access & Security

Full role-based security empowers you to set levels of access with flexibility, catering to smaller organizations as well as large enterprises


An always up-to- date dashboard allows you to quickly view sales metrics, like total sales in absolute terms or over time, as well as Top Selling Items/Services, Income performance over time, Daily Average Sales, Trend Analysis and more.


Everything in one place means more perspective and control over the things that matter

You’ll have full control over:

1. Central Product Database

Manage a central product database with all products and pricing information across all locations. Products available for sale are managed and replenished, as required, based on your needs

2. Pricing 

You can manage pricing, across all your products/services and locations, with intuitive ease

3. Bulk Product Detail Control

You can import and distribute product pricing and detail files

4. Discounts and Refunds

Manage and apply discounts and/or refunds at any level – from single items to the entire bill


NomadPOS Blue maintains complete transactions records in real time, and consolidates transaction data by location/date/time.

By capturing and automatically logging complete transactions data, you will build a wealth of valuable and accurate information on your business, as well as manage products and pricing. You can then generate and view customised reporting across your business, either on the screen or exported into spreadsheets, so you can perform in-depth analysis.

Plus a whole lot more,
and it’s free to try

Sign up through our short onboarding to gain access to NMC, and download the app from Google Play.