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These help documents cover everything you need to know to get the Nomad Management Console (NMC) up and running to suit your business needs.

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The Nomad Management Console (NMC) is a centralised console to control your Point of Sale (POS) devices, and all the associated POS data set-up, transaction retrieval, and reporting tasks you need to run your business.

You can use the NMC for:

Product and pricing data are intelligently synced between the NMC and the devices bound to your console's database. Your business always has 'real-time' access to data.

An audit trail is maintained for all POS and NMC activities, including product and price changes, and all transaction activity.

Archive Retention: The data retention of POS and Inventory data that’s stored in the NMC is set to 12 months. If required, this can be extended, at a cost of higher hosting service cost.

There are no archive configuration options, the data is purged after 12 months.

If a longer retention is required i.e. for reporting purposes, you can extract data from the transaction database and store it in another location. This will allow ongoing review, reporting and analysis within your business systems.